Aizat FaizA normal day for Aizat Faiz isn’t so normal for most people. Though a technologist by nature, you may also find Aizat involved in other non-tech related activities on a typical day, such as filming his next Ramly burger masterpiece, burying himself in books about economics, psychology or science fiction, and dabbling in the fine arts of Swing dancing.

Though he is a connoisseur of professions, Aizat is best known for his technology background. Having an interest in computers since childhood, Aizat began creating websites as early as 1997. Though his programming career began much later, Aizat soon came to win several programming competitions, including the much coveted eGenting Programming Competition in 2006.

He has been actively involved in the Free and Open Source scene in Malaysia since early 2005. In 2008, Aizat helped organize the premier Free and Open Source Conference Malaysia (FOSS.MY), which was attended by over 300 participants.

Due to his active lifestyle, Aizat may sound like a difficult man to catch. But fear not – he can be easily spotted by his loud personality, booming voice, and constant cry for attention.

Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz
Ezwan Aizat Abdullah Faiz