Beginning WordPress Plugin Development

This presentation was presented at WordCamp Malaysia 2010. For more notes about my presentation, click here. Download as ODF or PDF. The presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons By Attribution License v3.0. You are free to reuse, share, adapt and modify on my work.

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The audience was extremely quiet during the presentation, which had me worried. Was I going over their heads? I noticed I was going a bit too fast. Plus its a technical talk, so its not very easy to follow. Judging from the previous talks, everyone would be talking about me on Twitter. I wondered whether the response was good or bad.

After I got off stage, a lot of people actually told me it was a great presentation. The response has been great. People have told me that they are inspired to write plugins. I hope they do, I hope there will be more Malaysians contributing to WordPress and then Free and Open Source Software.

When I finally had a chance to look at Twitter, I was surprised about the number of responses. It was drastically less than the other talks, apparently because everyone was engrossed in my presentation.

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I hope to see you next year.

The Responses

From @wegopro:

@aizatto thanks for the nice presentation yesterday. Fun to see such an enthusiast!! Will check the slides again. Thanks!

From @tjunkie, in reference to me having a lot more new followers:

@aizatto yea n I’m one of them. Great job on the presentation. Inspiring.

From @wafflehausmedia:

@aizatto Even though not a huge plugin crowd, great job speaking today!

From @amirulfaisyal:

@aizatto aha, your presentation was awesome, love it!

From @vernieman:

@aizatto has inspired me to start writing some custom WP plugins… #wcmy

From @abanghazrul:

excellent presentation by @aizatto on wpplugin devmt at #wcmy. reminded me of my prog foundatnl lecturer. only funnier.

From @m_smalley:

@aizatto – great presentation on plugin development. Actions do something n filters transform – its simple. My favourite #wcmy presentation.

From @thechannelc:

@aizatto you are a god of code. I wordship thee. #wcmy

From @qwertyjuan:

@chenhaw @aizatto I’m gonna refer aizatto as captain hook from now on.

From @dannyfoo:

Listening to developing WP plugins by @aizatto Heavy but great stuff. And he made it easy to absorb. #wcmy

From @mahyuni:

@aizatto basically doing ‘actions & filters for wp for dummies’ Rockin.#wcmy

From @chenhaw:

@aizatto the captain hook!!! #wcmy

From @joshuatly:

@aizatto ‘s slides are so cool cute and adorable #wcmy

From @liewcf:

@aizatto I love your voice :)

From Terminal Junkie:

Beginning WordPress Plugin Development was perhaps the best and the most interesting topic at least for me. The speaker, Aizat Faiz was perhaps the most eloquent speaker of the day. He knows his topics well and was very engaging. Although I have stopped coding for many years now, his topic on plugin development fired up my enthusiasm again and I think I will try hacking out some simple plugins soon. You can refer to his presentation over at his site.

From NI Limits Blog:

In our opinion, the best presentation BY FAR was from Aizatto regarding Beginning WordPress Plugin Development, which was well presented and good, clean professional code to learn from.


Last but not least was Aizat Faiz, an erudite WordPress plug-in programmer who wowed the audience with his clean code which he talked us through in detail. This was totally not my cup of tea, as the technical and hard programming aspects of WordPress are like my Kryptonite. He was a convincing speaker, and clearly knew what he was talking about, bringing WordCamp 2010 to a very technical close.

From Tian Chad @ 永遇乐:

The final talk was done by Aizat Faiz, I like the way he design his slide by incorporating LEGO insides. It just like how he write his code, build plugin and websites. What I’ve learned from him is to find someone intelligent like him to design the plugin instead of me doing it myself. I get drowsy when I dealing with all the programing codes.


I managed to take a photo with Aizat Faiz who was speaking about plugins which sounds a bit too techy for me, but he managed to convince the audience that simple plugins development isn’t that complicated like one would think.