BarCamp JB 2008


Why would we leave the comfort of our homes, to go south three hundred kilometers for a weekend?

We all Have Something to Share

We all have the inherent need to share the awesome work we are doing. Some of us, go one step further, and wish to help others show case their work, and BarCamp is the place to be.

We share our knowledge, our presentations, but most importantly the presence of ourselves is all that is needed at BarCamp. Barriers dissolved. Young and old. Professionals and amateurs.

We Enjoy Meeting New People

New people, brings new experiences. New things to learn, new joys to share, new sounds of laughter that mixes the air.

At BarCamp, you will always leave, learning something new. There will always be something that will surprise you.

We All Love To Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine

At BarCamp, you’ll hear laught all around. From the low giggles, to the loud laughters, to the group laughters where you simply can’t stop laughing. BarCamp is a great place to find happy people. Every room you enter, laugh is clearly in the air.

I don’t think you’ll see a sad face at BarCamp.

We Enjoy Meeting Like Minded People

Having been involved in previous gatherings, we have become very close. We have become, almost family.

A Second Home

Has BarCamp become a second home for everyone? A place to go to, to kick back and relax, and forget about life for a weekend? To recharge your batteries. To laugh, smile, and have a blast of a time, with old and new faces. To spend the night together, underneath the stars in the cool breeze of the night, all the while, feeling at the top of the world.

You Decide.

For now, see you at the next BarCamp, where ever it may be in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, or Penang, or perhaps, even overseas.

Photo Albums

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